Courtney Maher


Courtney Maher

Director of Onsite Services

Courtney has been a valued leader in the project management team for My Computer Works for the last nine years. She has built an organization of top-notch managers and delivery experts to facilitate professional, on-time, and on-budget I.T. fulfillment. Courtney began her career at My Computer works more than 10 years ago as the customer coordinator, dispatching and providing resources to hundreds of customers every day.

After which, Courtney was responsible for leading and managing My Computer Works’ consumer on-site business. After seven years Courtney ventured on a global sabbatical including Southeast Asia and Latin America. Returning to My Computer Works fresh and ready to work hard, Courtney implemented Net Promoter Score methodology through every part of My Computer Works, improving the company’s net promoter score by more then 50%! Courtney is focused on taking care of our customers. After proving her customer centric expertise for several years, Courtney moved into a Project Management lead position and soon was promoted to the Director of Onsite Services.

Courtney‘s customer centric approach leaves every partner feeling like they have an extension of their own brand-family with Trick Dog Technology.

In her free time Courtney takes her golden retriever, and Trick Dog’s official office dog, Harbor for fun in the park and long walks.