Project Scope: Data Center Power

Resicom Group and Trick Dog Technology worked closely to complete a power assessment, installation, and network configuration for our end user. The first stage included installing new power outlets, powering CAT5 circuits above the ceiling including RJ45 terminations at both ends of the data cable, and finally mounting a DSG-105 switch above the ceiling. At this point it was necessary to configure and verify the usability of the Meraki MX65W to ensure all proper connections were stable. After completion the end user was provided with test results for the voltage, data, circuit breakers, outlets, switch, AP, and splitters.

Client Response

“The service call went well and I have no complaints. The timelines of the invoice, sign off sheet and photo submittal is key, and your team excelled in that department.”

Project Scope: Telecommunications

CCC Technologies and Trick Dog Technology teamed up to complete a statement of work regarding Avaya IP office, on premise cabling, and miscellaneous office telecommunications. Cabling within the building needed to be checked and ultimately replaced. Once complete, testing of the lines, connectivity to the end points, and finally connection to the network needed to be verified as up and running. With the teamwork between our partners the job was complete in under the allotted hours.

Client Response

“Everything is great! Fast responses, great service- totally awesome. Jennifer is fantastic.”

Project Scope: Enterprise Networking

Trick Dog Technology in a partnership with Aureon executed against a Scope of Work that focused on enterprise networking. In order to complete this statement of work our team had to work with the end user to discuss the current networking infrastructure to plan and stage the new Cisco implementation. The hardware needed to be staged, configured, and tested. Once the switches were racked and stacked, our team was able to verify the configurations and ensure all connected end points were available to use for coworkers.

Client Response

We were very pleased with everything about this one. Response time by you as well as your tech, technician skillset, and price.” “Thanks Taylor – we will be in touch!!! We are pleased with the dependability, response rate and price of your service”.

Project Scope: Wireless

The Trick Dog Technology team partnered with Dynamic Edge to plan, stage, and execute against a statement of work around Unifi AP’s. Our resources worked with the end user to plan AP location placement and wireless plans. Coverage was needed across the building and in common areas for guest users. After completing the planning stage, we were to install the AP’s based on the mapping and to ensure they were working. After staging was complete, the AP’s and wireless controllers were configured and connected to the network allowing users to connect the same day.

Client Response

“The technicians that MCW sends out are generally very skilled people who solve problems. I very much appreciate that and I’ve had some very pleasant conversations with them as well. They’ve been a good face for us when we can’t be there ourselves.”